The big advantage of Arquillian Drone extension is its flexibility. In our use case, we have just one login form. It will deterministically verify the web page logic. Architecture – in arquillian. For instance, if you qualified Arquillian Graphene instance with MyExtraBrowser, its extension qualifier will become graphene-myextrabrowser. Download Webdriver from a specific URL: I’ve even tried entering the details for a host that doesn’t exist but the tests are still run locally and there are no error messages generated.

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Fired after Drone instance is deenhanced by an DroneInstanceEnhancer.

Arquillian Drone Table of Contents. It appears there were two issues preventing the Arquillian Webdricer tests being executed against a Selenium Grid. In a sense, the local JUnit runner is a client of the container, being driven by Webdrivrr. Drone simply takes care of WebDriver instance creation and configuration and then it delegates this session to Graphene. For instance, if you are running Firefox browser and you want to change the binary location, you can do it via following code:.

Using Arquillian Drone and Graphene in Standalone Mode

If you need to enable any browser capabilitysimply specify it as a property in extension configuration. Drone itself is not using Arquillian Container related event, which means that it is able to work with Arquillian Standalone test runners.


Once you have defined a qualifier, you can use it in you tests, for example in following way, having two distinct class based life cycle instances of WebDriver. The directory where it is stored depends if you also specify the version of this binary or not. Architecture – in arquillian. Notice how the page encapsulates the location of the home page using the Location annotation.

The latter step differs based on what Drone you want to use. Unfortunately there seems to be very little documentation on using Arquillian Drone with Selenium Grid. Releasing new version Run following commands: Only modification you have to do is to change qualifier to include – Qualifier annotation name converted to lowercase. Dimensions of browser window in widthxheight format. Tests are decoupled from the HTML code, so they are more readable. All Drone tests must run in client mode.

Using Arquillian Drone and Graphene in Standalone Mode – mikesir87’s blog

If you are in doubt what to use for a newly created project, Arquillian team recommends you to start with Graphene, which is based on WebDriver, however brings you a lot of AJAX goodies. After trying and failing many times: It has below nice features.

Separate paths using space, use quotes in case that path contains spaces. This file will be parsed and values will be applied to freshly created Firefox profile. Separate paths using space, use quotes in case that path contains spaces. Make sure that you push the tag, close all issues with given version in JIRA and mark version as released. Switching browsers is easy with the current setup, you just drnoe to select the right maven profile.


Functional Testing using Drone and Graphene · Arquillian Guides

Drone defines its own arquilloan of the same name. You can import Graphene and not to use any of the Graphene features from the start.

Arquililan other run mode in Arquillian is the client run mode. Retention ; import java. I guess, it is something to do with your pom file.

Selenium WebDriver – Blackbox Automated Testing using Arquillian Framework

Drone creates a registry with all Drone SPI implementation drons the classpath Drone creates a global configuration Drone configures Selenium Server Drone registers all Browser Capabilities implementation on the classpath Drone creates a registry for session reuse. Some additional configuration parameters related to srone can be found in Properties, directory names and support of latest versions. Running test suite To run only unit tests: Arquillian has been working fine with selenium 3 version for long time.