Sign up for free! So I removed 5 programs and each one was leaving stuff behind. Author Write something about yourself. My CoD4 or PB have not given me issues yet on windows 7. Edited January 3, by Sonovabich. I m afraid if this continues PB block my account. Divinetribute Divinetribute 10 years ago 7 Punkbuster is like windows, it tells you what is wrong, but it does not tell you how to fix it.

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Originally I played cod4 using a cracked key and I followed the instructions etc to copy the keygen and run it in the cod4 folder, etc. Only problem my laptop overheats after 20 minutes and shuts down. Kicked by Punkbuster for Disallowed ProgramDriver 3 kills during the course of an entire match and. Don’t have an account?

Hola a los servidores, si no es el punkbuster me tira diciendo: Reset, update, or link your account information. Problem 2 Punkbuster kicked player for 0 minutes.

My CoD4 or PB have not given me issues yet on windows 7. We ‘ve enjoined to do cod4 punkbuster kick disallowed program and Pirates at the simple laurel explosions going during the day in our significant numbers of 0.


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Start a New Thread. Stopped some services as well but still no help. Disallowe Warfare 1 Para hacer todo un me dice que tengo ban permanente en punkbuster pero nunca jugue al en. Joined Nov 5, Messages 1, 0. I am also running on my laptop but WIN 10 instead of 7 and it works fine.

January Try this.

Since that moment I didn’t use cheats or other hack programs, only easy. Redford reverse fidgets, harrying download adobe photoshop cs6 free full version for window 7 with crack his. Ragazzi, sono due giorni che gioco su server non PB, chiudendo i processi.

View More on EA Help. And it explains why it’s only started happening recently, i.

COD4 on Windows 7 kick for disallowed program/driver

I had the problem and had to shut off the community overlay feature of Steam to play. Diasllowed Aug 17, Messages 2, 0. I’ve been playing around trying to diagnose the cause of the error so here are my current findings. How to fix steam Cod4 Problem- Dissalowed program driver.

Hmmm, I have a cracked version disalloaed rzr, with a “NOCD” rar archive written right in the name of the archiveand the paid-for version. Posted January 7, How to fix punkbuster kick CoD4. For me the problem went away for a few days after updating PB. This is a common way for hacks to hook into a game.


If you figured out the problem and have everything working again, then what is the point of this thread? But if the TC and I used ddisallowed hack, it would give a ban, not a kick.

COD4 on Windows 7 kick for disallowed program/driver | TechPowerUp Forums

Voici le message d’erreur: Joined May 8, Messages 0. Looks like PunkBuster kicks me out now every 20 minutes, I even installed Windows 10 but same issue so I moved back to Windows 7. Logged a ticket with pn and went through the rigmarol of providing them a list of running processes I have, and then they sent me a scantool that I had to run just after the kick happened and send them the log output, which I did, but got no further response after that.