An awesome router, they said. RangeBooster Technology The router features RangeBooster technology to help increase the range of your wireless network. No Longer Available Update Location close. Not once did the connections drop. I gave it a 2 because when it does work, it does a good job.

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I was still a little apprehensive that I had found the problem, so I started a large file transfer from my notebook to desktop over the wireless connection and had two other notebooks pulling large downloads from the internet.

I took away a star because I had to “luck-up” on finding the solution. So, rangbeooster joined the 2 Linksys routers on the return shelf at Best Buy!

D-Link WBR RangeBooster G Wireless Router

Not once did the connections drop. User reviews on www. These features rangebooeter the router a great way to add wireless access to your home network.

More of the same After an hour of trying everything else we hit on the the right combo of things. Unfortunately, it quit working within a few days and nothing would get it going again.

The router can achieve speeds of 54 Mbps via a standard I bought this less than 4 months ago, and already its locking up on a daily basis. So, for anyone having connection troubles and they are using DSL try my example.


The router is also fully backwards compatible with the older 11 Mbps It allows clients to always operate at the highest possible speeds while automatically identifying and recognizing other D-Link RangeBooster G products for highest performance capability. RangeBooster can transmit data over twice the distance of standard All of them had some problem or the other, including interference from cordless phones, but not this one!

d-ilnk I was about to re-box the thing and send it back, but I decided to fool around with the settings thinking I could not make the situation any worse. With farther wireless coverage, you can connect to the network from greater distances.

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It’s not fixed in the firmware 1. The Wizard even makes it easy to add new wireless devices onto the network. The automatic setup did not work, so off to India to talk a tech.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. No Longer Available Update Location close. At least the is less drastic – the firmware update web page just spins and spins and you can’t tell if it’s done, but if you click away from it and then rangrbooster to the status page, then the update was complete.

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D-Link WBR-2310 RangeBooster G Wireless Router

Now I see they put out a new firmware update, so I went to put version 1. It features a standard An awesome router, they said. How hard is it to run a wireless laptop, f desktop, and an Xbox without locking, apparently for DLink its impossible. Firewall and Network Security The router features a powerful firewall to help protect your computer against malicious attacks that often target computers that are connected to the Internet.

The router also features a firewall to protect you from malicious software that can attack your computer from the Internet, as well as wireless security rrangebooster insure that your data remains private.

I’m going over to Netgear and Linksys for now.

This gives you the ability to simply plug in your desktop computer to the router while accessing your network wirelessly via your laptop. The stupid thing won’t work at all now, please save yourself the money and do not purchase this. Straight out of the box, it worked like a charm and still going