If there are too many protons, some can turn into neutrons by beta decay, and vice versa. Thank- you very much for your help.: The two halves of the base plus the rotating magnet form a sort of horseshoe magnet. December 1[edit]Natural fuel resources[edit]Which countries have natural fuel resources? This is the title of your second post. The original, full term is magic cookie. I have a magnetic base for a measuring device that allows you to attach the measuring device to metal objects.

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There’s a winamp plugin that lets it play m. Or even simpler, you could just add the potentiometer in parallel with the resistor, which wouldn’t require breaking the original circuit. This is the title of your first post.

When on, the magnet is very powerfull, and when off, it will attract and hold a paper clip but nothing bigger. This, for instance, is the basis of the matter- antimatter reactor that powers the Enterprise in Star Trek and in other science fiction.

Two protons come together, and one proton is converted into a neutron an up quark transforms into a down quark I believe. Encoding from the original source is always better.


Again, over my head. All ideas gratefully accepted. The positron will quickly meet an electron and mutually annhiliate. Phantom Hourglass Bow Game. The switch rotates the cylindrical magnet 9.

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The key is the initial proton- proton reaction. How can one convert a. Ilmari Karonen talk 1. But in lieu of that, eartthshaker I suggest you check out Light- emitting diode? Earthshaker 12 Aluminum Speaker Driver. Hope that helps; if you have more questions, ask them. I’m not a physicist, but the figure seems to indicate that you can produce a neutron by releasing positron from a proton.

The leader- chain and C- peptide won’t be found in the circulating form. A positron is the antiparticle of an electron.

The outer block does not have any measurable magnetism. Managing Healthcare Business Strategy Ebook.

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Electrotheremin construction[edit]I’m looking to build an electrotheremin, which as I understand it is just an audio oscillator with a slide potentiometer determining pitch.

Whether that is commercially interresting and actually exploited is a different matter. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

That pole then strongly attracts adjacent ferromagnetic objects. That’s also right, there’s also a neutrino involved, but they’re pretty damn hard to see.

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You also have to decide on what form of insulin you are modeling: The rest is covered in proton- proton chain reaction; if there are specific questions you have or concepts you don’t understand, ask them here.


UTC You’re correct that four protons in a nucleus would make beryllium; however it is more complicated than that; a nucleus with four protons and no neutrons would be highly unstable. The magnetic base has a switch that allows you to turn the magnet on or off.

Milton over here earthshajer Oz uses them in his Earthshaker Mega System which you can. Create your website today. Antiparticles are normally simply named by adding anti- to the particle name; positrons are a historical exception. When its attached to a piece of metal across the two halves of the base it makes a magnetic circuit which it is very strong.

However, note that every time you convert from one lossy format to another, it sounds a little worse.