There are now two “classes” of tablet-compatible Wacom pens, the legacy penabled tabletPC pens and the new Feel IT pens. Can anyone suggest another way? Don’t worry about this now if you don’t know. It certainly doesn’t hurt that these two pens are significantly cheaper than the Carbon pen! A bit behind the times but it’ll do me for now. Ubuntu will always add such an entry if it finds an existing Windows partition. In the past, I have noted that the Feel Carbon pen is, while very well made, sort of heavy in the hand, so I would also recommend that you consider the lighter Feel Black or White pens.

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Others felt it was a bit cumbersome in real life use. My pen exterior is close to as narrow as could fit the guts, but longer.

HP Tc1100 Tablet PC Stylus WACOM Digitizer Digital Pen DG937A

A couple of problems have surfaced on my TC recently: As mentioned above, the pens that had larger bodies felt like they gave me the most exacting pressure control. My guess is that you’ll be able to make it marginally smaller, but you’ll have to deal with the PCB, which is going tc100 be flat, probably run the length of the barrel, and be rather delicate. The preferences include settings that optimize handwriting recognition and menu display locations for either right-handed or left-handed users.


There is still no Firewire port, something that wasn’t missed much on the original machine with its relatively modest performance, but something that could be missed on a faster machine with better graphics.

TabletPC Compatible Wacom Pens (Surface Pro & Pro2 Only)

The TC is, in fact, a fundamental redesign. It was neither a pure slate nor a notebook convertible but, like the Concerto, something inbetween. Now we need to know what the wacom wacoom is seeing. There are now two “classes” of tablet-compatible Wacom pens, the legacy penabled tabletPC pens and the new Feel IT pens. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

HP Tc Tablet PC Stylus WACOM Digitizer Digital Pen DGA | eBay

Next, do ALT and F2 and this time add ‘gksudo’ to the front of the command, like so: Please try again shortly. Or, hover the pen tip immediately over the button. Unlike some OEMs, Wacom has maintained the compatibility of its digitizers and pens over the years.

Both pens can still be found for sale on eBay. Yes, my password is: We’ll talk a little more about that len a moment.

I was just rummaging about in the Wacom store and noticed this listed as part PL Two Buttons with Eraser which is compatible with No, create an account now. Typically, battery-free pens like the one you have contain a coil and a small printed circuit board PCB. The nibs for the new Feel IT pens are smaller in waacom than the older wzcom ; this means that the popular replacement nibs mentioned above standard, flex, stroke, felt will not fit the Feel IT pens.


It should just work without any fiddling, once you have logged on to Ubuntu, giving you Internet access using Firefox, assuming the network it is plugged in to will offer it an IP address using DHCP, just like with Windows.

From t1c100 to bottom, they are: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

How does HP install software and gather data? They were also the only ones that selected the FinePoint digitizer over Wacom’s technology.

But if you have a sacrificial pen it might be worth trying. Bamboo Solo is only compatible with touch screens. You’d never know unless you checked the specs or were a fan of Finepoint’s technology which some still consider superior.

I’ve tried a lot of nibs in a lot of pens, and I can’t say that I ever ran into a combination that felt “loose. However, I don’t think the nib is as important as the next issue Gone is the Transmeta processor. Their press release is here With this being stated as how they work.

Jamie-B You can adjust your s-pen pressure by doing this: