Or sign in with one of these services. Now that I’ve updated to You could try this forum post: Posted April 20, It was instead listed as something like “Network Ethernet en 1 “. I take it that because no USB option appears now that I’ve completed steps that I made a mistake in one of these steps.

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Linksys WUSB54G USB adapter and 10.4.6

I really want to get this working because the card in my computer does not work as an airport card either it is an Intel chipset which will not work. I’m running Mac OS KClaisse Registered Jul 2, I open up System Preferences, followed by Network, and it’s empty.

But wusb54gl I can’t get connected to the internet, what am I doing wrong? When i plug in the USB, the network preferences can find the wireless as a new ethernet.

Posted December 3, Appears that I would have to manually load the kext file every time, so I think I’ll go another route for this machine but great to know this can be made to work. The version is version 4.


How to install Linksys WUSB54G ver.4 on m… – Apple Community

Or sign in with one of nac services Sign in with Facebook. Sorry about the delay, if you really want to reach me, pm me, I will respond quicker that way because I don’t regularly check this forum.

Therefore, I cannot proceed. Anyone get this to work? Posted April 12, I know there is one but its no more donation-ware and you got to pay for the driver now.

I’m using WPA Personal security. BoneFill Registered May 31, Terminal, part 1 Pop open Terminal and put in sudo -s.

Has anyone got this working on Snow Leopard. Then you have to open the System Preferences, lknksys to Network, Again, the machine should announce that it has found a new network device, click ‘Ok’ but pay attention to what it’s called, on mine it called it ‘en1’.

[GUIDE] WUSB54G v4 fully working on OS X Leopard w/WPA2-PSK – LAN and Wireless – InsanelyMac Forum

Thank You for the help, however, the device does not show up in Apple System Profiler. I’d also like to thank Belkin. If the original discoverer Kramer has any problem with me posting this, just say so, and I will remove it.


Thanks for the great info.

Sign In Sign Up. I just tryed it and it didn’t work. Posted July 4, Posted June 29, You skipped step 4, why is that?

Posted July 27, It is a DMG. Ya it’s not for Once that was done, the computer automatically detected it, and opened the wireless utility that was installed. My linksys appeared and started to work. I had to take some additional steps in setting it up to allow me to fully utilize wuwb54gp adapter including using WPA2-PSK authentication, selecting which network to connect to etc on Leopard