White LED Power requirements: However, if you are working with a really big file, even with a fast computer, the processing of each adjustment takes time. There is a lot of information and opinions about superb performance of Elite , but only a few posts, which I found about Elite 2 scanner. Detail shows light grain reduction and no sharpening. The Nikon, Canon, and Minolta all with auto focus need less pre sharpening, but all need a little post sharpening when outputting due to lose of resolution when resizing an image down to your destination size.

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Thank you so much, Phil, for sharing your opinion and experience!

The file is just four times the size dimahe disk. I would have thought Noritsu would do a better job. Optionally adjust the image However, the optics are pretty poor. Color Slide slide from Clearly, the grain is clearer than my lens was able to achieve and probably my hand held technique. Emulsion down, right reading. It will be upside down as you load the holder.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

It does seem to focus well and has as much actual resolution as the Nikon I look forward to keeping mine for many years. It also uses less power 20 vs. We threw a very oddly colored Kodak Gold emulsion at it and got a very nice conversion VueScan handled this well, too. The only other thing I did was a curves adjustment in Photoshop and exported for an example. I first bought version I and then a version II.


The other holds a six-frame strip of 35mm film. PaulCoenMar 16, In normal operation, you simply have to power the scanner on or off as needed. And bumping up the contrast or letting Pixel Polish do it automatically clipped our shadow detail a bit more than we like. The metal case of the original has been replaced by a white plastic box that can stand up without assistance. We generally prefer not to use the manufacturer’s scanning software, opting instead for VueScan or SilverFast. The II does show some evidence of evolution, too.

Share This Page Tweet. They are not identical to the ‘s holders, though. Hard disk space requirements also leap when using more sophisticated functions.

White LED Power requirements: I exposed a couple of rolls of this film midday in Bodie in the summer, and the resulting slide film had a huge blue shift that I assumed was the result of mixing high saturation and contrast and the excessively cold color temperature light at such high altitudes.


I first chose the Scan Elite for its resolution and dynamic range.

Trending Price New. Primary color filter Multi-sample scanning: That, however, is also something of a convenience. Instructions were very dimate and easy to follow and we got excellent results quickly.

I also noticed dmiage the mid values tonal gradation was smoother with shapes more clearly distinguished and variations in subject color more faithfully and richly reproduced. The multisampling option in this Konika desktop scanner produces clearer and sharper scan, as it scans the image various time to remove all the dirt and noise.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 Slide & Film Scanner

See details for description of any imperfections. It was bought in about and was a current offering at that time. Optical Density is 4.