The mouse pointer can be precisely controlled by the touch pad , which is 8. Only the power indicator is duplicated over the power button. And the dedicated scroll bar works fine for reading texts. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Let’s examine the layout of ports. The GX is a solid 15” inch notebook with a matte WSXGA display with a maximum resolution of x pixels , which will make gamer’s hearts leap for joy.

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The keyboard panel features the same patterns as on the display lid, the same concerns the panel above the keyboard. Please, switch off ad blockers. You should take special care of the hooks in the display frame, which can easily break.

It has the same size as the other extra keys and differs from them only in its label. The area between the red rectangles visibly gives under light pressure.

Review MSI Megabook GX600 Notebook

And msk, the notebook comes with a good bundle: The quality of the speakers is sufficient for computer games and for listening to music. I’ve noted drawbacks of this solution many times.

Interestingly, the left part of the keyboard is untouched—that is the left shift is of the standard length. The cursor keys are too narrow, so you often miss them and press neighboring keys. MSI does not specify components, which are frequently changed processor, memory, etc.


The maximum volume is relatively good. Megabolk manufacturer didn’t forget about such bonuses as a remote control and an antenna for the TV tuner.

iXBT Labs – MSI GX Gaming Notebook with an Original Overclocking System

Especially in games, where you need stereo effects. The WLAN test good bis maximum brightness of the display, and activated energy saving settingswas a little bit better. For most consumers, we find its design may be a little too loud and crass to be carrying around.

They are especially vertically rather narrow. By the way, we’ve read many complaints about these horrible keys, especially about the dot key—it’s very inconvenient to use it for example, when you type internet addresses. The overclock mode also raises rotational speed of the cooling system.

Review MSI Megabook GX Notebook – Reviews

The mouse requires special drivers, which are included into the bundle. Note that the keys in the bottom row are narrower than in two upper rows. The logo is inside a shiny metal circle.

But, there is a slight see-saw afterwards. If your demands are higher, you can connect this notebook to a hi-fi system. These are about points less than the GX gaming model.


So, the Megabook GX is rather a multimedia notebook with gaming ambitions. FEAR ran more or less smoothly with a resolution of x and maximum detailswhereas we measured 28 fps. This article will be published in the nearest future.

The upper part of the display frame contains a 1. The difference is even bigger at the bottom side. To summarize, mwgabook battery runtime of the standard battery is rather short. By the way, as notebooks are initially designed for work, people usually don’t try to squeeze maximum from them and do with the mxi capacity.

And finally, the cursor arrows and four gz600 in the right part of the keyboard, which are megaboook used by gamers, are also red. This notebook has a large touchpad with a dedicated scroll bar.

Indepentent of the load, the fan was always clearly audible. The quality of the speakers matches exactly our expectations in this price category.

Besides, it’s shifted to the left, so it’s hard to find this key.